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  • Asylum advice and Immigration advice

Mrs. Oluwatoyin Alabi, is a seasoned manager of people and brand asset, had a brief stint in the banking sector and acquired requisite training in Brand Marketing and Management at Cadbury Nigeria Plc, Nigeria .She holds a Masters in Business Administration of the University of Benin, Nigeria. She also held the position of General Manager (Marketing) at Fan Milk Plc, a Danish owned Dairy Company in Nigeria, where she was responsible for the formulation of Sales and Marketing strategies and policies of the Company. She has used her Marketing experience in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector in overseeing her Family business .She will bring into UK Law Associates her wealth of experience in the marketing field to attract more prospective customers thereby increasing market share for the Company. Her financial investment to the organisation will also help deal with all financial challenges to date and propel the organisation to a leading immigration organisation in the UK