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Danladi Danfulani is a key acquisition for UK Law Associates following his appointment to the board of Directors in 2013.  Danladi brings a new dimension to the firm, with his insightful and assured  knowledge of international business. It is expected that Danladi’s contribution will assist in the procurement of international clients, and in doing so propel the business to notable successes.

Danladi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information and Communications Technology, and also holds a Masters in Business Information Systems. He is currently undertaking OISC accreditation to cement his previous experience as a legal associate/trainee, which he hopes to secure in the first quarter of 2014. He supports his intended accreditation with extensive management training, positioning himself at the forefront of the business in terms of both new business generation and client services.

Danladi shares the ethos of co-Director Shah Mohammed in stating that:-

We value and invest in our people, our clients and our expertise. It is my intension, with help of my colleagues to take this business to the next level through thorough and insightful business planning and operational excellence”.