Co-Founder & Director
  • 07986 690301
  • Level of advice: 3
  • Asylum advice and Immigration advice

Shah Nawaz Mohammed is the co-founding member of UK Law Associates, established in 2010.  Shah graduated with Masters Degree from University of Wales in 2010.

Shah is the driving force behind UK Law Associates, with key skills in marketing, and business development and expansion. He is a formidable entrepreneur with a successful track record in the private education sector. He has used his vision along with tried and tested business skills to build a team with depth of knowledge, who are able to deliver results consistently. The growth of the business continues to be a meticulously planned operation led by Mr Mohammed.

Shah’s  businesses have taken him all over the world, and he feels fortunate to  have learnt many important lessons along the way. He brings this experience to UK Law Associates and sums up the ethos of the business as follows:-

"At UK Law Associates we work with our clients to build profitable long-term relationships. 100% confidence in a legal partner is vital so we work hard to protect our clients’ business interests whilst maintaining our core values. Our suite of services is tailored to meet our clients’ individual requirements and we have a clear vision to maintain our consistent track record of success, underpinned by forward planning and meticulous preparation. We value and invest in our people, our clients and our expertise"