A deportation order requires illegal UK immigrant/s to leave the UK until s/he is removed. It also prohibits illegal UK immigrant from re-entering the country for as long as it is in force and invalidates any leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom given them before the Order is made or while it is in force.

The deportation circumstances include:

  • When the State Secretary holds the person's deportation to be conducive to the public good
  • When a spouse or a civil partner or child under 18 of a person ordered to be deported
  • When court orders deportation in the case of a person over the age of 17 who has been convicted of an offence punishable with imprisonment.

The Process of UK Deportation

  • Where the State Secretary makes a decision of state’s best interest to deport a member of a family as such, the decision, and the right of appeal, will be notified and it will at the same time be explained that it is open to the member of the family to leave the country voluntarily if he does not wish to appeal or if he appeals and his appeal is dismissed.
  • When a decision to make a deportation order has been taken (otherwise than on the recommendation of a court) a notice will be given to the person concerned informing him of the decision and of his right of appeal.

Appeal to UK Deportation Order

A deportation order may not be made while it is still open to the person to appeal against the State Secretary’s decision, or whilst a pending appeal except where the State Secretary is required to make the deportation order in respect of a foreign criminal under section 32(5) of the UK Borders Act 2007. An appeal is not possible within the immigration appeal system against the making of a deportation order on the recommendation of a court; but there is a right of appeal to a higher court against the recommendation itself. Order on deportation may be held in while it is still open to the person to appeal against the particular conviction, sentence or recommendations, or while such an appeal is pending.

Our UK Deportation Legal Services

Our team at ‘UK Law Associates’ have expert UK deportation legal advisors. We are fully authorised and regulated by the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and as a law firm are completely exempt from requiring authorisation by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

As UK specialist immigration solicitors we will undertake the following to ensure you are provided with

  • The most legally sound and effective service
  • We assess and evaluate the merits to challenge deportation or removal
  • Represent at the Home Office on your behalf and make an application for Judicial Review in the High Court challenging the detention.


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