Facing a UK Immigration Detention is stressful and difficult situation to be in. We at ‘UK Law Associates’ have experienced legal UK Immigration and detention advisors and specialists to help you through this difficult situation. In most cases we will be entitled to make an application to a Chief Immigration Officer for Temporary Admission or what is commonly called CIO Bail (Chief Immigration Officer Bail). Numbers of factors influence the success of an application for Temporary Admission or bail which is not easy to generalise because each person's situation is likely to be different.

What is UK Detention?

UK Immigration detention is the policy of holding individuals suspected of UK Visa Law violations, UK illegal entry or UK unauthorised arrival, and those subject to deportation & removal, in detention until a decision is made by UKBA immigration authorities to either approve a visa or to grant the release into the community, or to send them to their country of departure.

The UK Border Agency or the Home Office has the power to detain foreign nationals if someone has:

  • Entered unlawfully without an entry leave to remain in the UK
  • Overstayed and breached the terms of their UK VISA
  • Convicted a criminal offence to the UK immigration control

UK Immigration removal or detention centres

UK Border Agency's Immigration removal centres or detention centres are used for temporary detention, in situations where people have no legal right to be in the UK but have refused to leave voluntarily. Those detained in any of the centres can leave at any time to return to their home country. Some detainees are foreign national prisoners who have completed prison terms for serious crimes, but who then refuse to comply with the law by leaving the UK.

UK Immigration Bail Process

Bail is a legal way forward for anyone who has been detained by the UK Border Agency, under the Immigration Acts, in a removal centre or prison for seven days or more.

Bail application is usually filed at a court under certain conditions for release. A detainee makes a Bail application at the immigration court (the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal) where an independent Immigration Judge makes a decision on whether detention should remain active. A legal immigration representative can present a case which generally is opposed by a Home Office Presenting Officer.

How can we help you at UK Law Associates?

Our UK Immigration detention specialists will assess the legality of detained persons under the UK Immigration Acts and can offer our immigration services in following matters, where we will;

  • Evaluate the legal aspects of detention and the claim for damages
  • Apply for temporary admission (release)
  • Represent at bail hearings
  • Help out foreign prisoners issued deportation from the United Kingdom
  • Help out foreign prisoners with their application to revoke deportation orders
  • Revocation of leave / nationality

How can you apply for a Bail?

We at ‘UK Law Associates’ have qualified and expert solicitors that will help you with UK Immigration Bail application preparation, filing and arrange a representation at the court hearing.

 But if you do not have a solicitor, then you can make the application yourself. Where UK Immigration Bail application form is usually available at all prison or detention centres or you can ring the UK Immigration and Asylum Tribunal on 0300 123 1711 for the form to be faxed at your detention place.

Mean while you can find out UK Immigration Court hearing information on your application from immigration staff at your prison or detention centre. After filing in your application to the relevant court through the fax, you will be given bail hearing date by that court within 3 working days.

Successful UK Bail application

For a bail application to be successful you will need an address to stay at and also one or two people to act as sureties. To qualify for sureties, they must;

  • Be in contact with you
  • Make sure that you won’t break release conditions
  • Offer recognisance (some amount of money to be paid to the court if you break release conditions or run away)
  • Have a valid UK immigration status

The judge will make a decision based on the conditions of release. It is not compulsory by law that you must have staying address and sureties, but these components will make your application stronger.

For further information about our UK Immigration legal advisory services, or to discuss your specific case please call us on 0208 478 3333 or email us at enquiries@uklawassociates.co.uk