We are authorised by the UKBA Home Office to submit premium visa or ‘same-day UK visa’ applications to UK Border Agency Public Enquiry Offices across the country. If you need an urgent UK visa, one of our OISC registered immigration advisor will personally attend the appointment on your behalf. Our immigration experts will make sure that your application is submitted with all the relevant documents as required under the UKBA Immigration rules.

What is the Same-Day Visa Service?

Using the same-day UK visa service our OISC registered immigration advisor will attend the UK Home Office on your behalf to submit your application in order for you to receive your UK visa on the same day. This service avoids the long waiting periods of up to 3-6 months to receive your visa; however UKBA charges an additional premium fees for same day service visa applications and individuals can make an appointment with the UKBA for using this service.

Your application must not be complex or require substantial further enquiries to be made by the UK Border Agency or Home Office, and it may be that your visa is ready for collection the next day. We will make sure that your UK visa application form is prepared to the highest standards and meets the requirements prescribed by the UKBA in order to avoid application retention time for further enquiries by the UK border Agency or the Home office.

Same day UK Visa Service:

  • Tier 1 – General (biometrics required)
  • Tier 1 – Post Study Work (biometrics required)
  • Tier 2 (biometrics required)
  • Tier 4 (biometrics required)
  • Tier 5 (biometrics required)
  • FLR M (biometrics required)
  • TOC (biometrics required)
  • FLR BID (biometrics required)
  • SET O
  • FLR O
  • SET M
  • NTL

Why choose ‘UK Law Associates’ for same-day UK visa service:

We would like you to have the calming assurance of our experienced professional advisors handling your immigration application by taking following steps:

  • Your application is always assessed by a competent, qualified and experienced consultant
  • We arrange your Same Day appointment at a Public Enquiry Office for a suitable date
  • We advise you on each supporting document necessary for your application
  • We check each document and advise you to amend them when required in line with the UK
  • Border Agency's or Home Office’s Guidance Policy
  • We assist in completing your application forms
  • We prepare a cover letter explaining the merits of your application in detail and highlight any special circumstances to your case worker's attention
  • Our experienced representative will accompany you to your appointment at the Public Enquiry
  • Office and represent your application that we prepared in full
  • In case where you application process is extended by the UK Border Agency or the Home Office to make further enquiries, we liaise with the UK Border Agency, submit further documents where required and assist you until a decision is made on your application

For further information about our UK Immigration legal advisory services, or to discuss your specific case please call us on 0208 478 3333 or email us at enquiries@uklawassociates.co.uk